Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Groupon... shmoupon....

UGH.... I'm a sucker. Yes the case of the Groupon got to me. Honestly, they have such good deals ( and everyone is getting into it) that you can't help but buy. 60% off.... $25 for $200 worth of goods... I'm a sucker. The best thing they have done is make it so the amount you spend is not lost if you don't use it. Take my bowling alley Groupon--Brunswick Bowl... I purchased a deal of $15 for 4 for 1 hour of bowling- what a steal!.... no dice. I tried to convince my husband to take my kids... no dice... Now I have to try to convince him to use the $15.. not sure about the dice.... Anywho.... I hope my other Groupons fall into place otherwise I will have the most expensive set of die in the Twin Cities!
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Monday, August 6, 2012

Love me some Costco....

I don't know about you but I love me some Costco!!! I went there today for one thing, and one thing only... TP. Came out with much more!! I think it's mass quanities that make you think "this will last for a long time and will save me $". In some cases they are right--check out this list --Costo ideas! I just get swept in to the glamour and glitz of purchasing 30 rolls of TP or a 24 pack of candybars..... no reservations on whether it's actually a good deal-- the illusion is all I need.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Oh JcPenney's

Oh JcPenney's.... I for one am rooting for you. Yes I am the one who wrote you a letter about 10 years ago--thanking you for varrying long length pants after succumbing to wearing highwater jeans and leggings out of necessity. The interesting thing is that I have worked with the Target Execs who have come over to help... and really they know what they are doing. It all comes down to knowing your customer. At Target your custmer was well... everyone from the First Lady Michelle Obama to Middle America. We know however that the stats show that the core customer is women, shopping for their family on a middle income. As for JcPenney's... the customer sounds like it would be the same right ( absent Michelle Obama)? Wrong. What they did was discount the discounters.... people like me who love clearance racks and coupons.. the people who have kept them in business for so long. These customers aren's necessarily only customer who purchase the Worthington brand but people like me who check out the new stuff in the Sephora area and who love, love love, the Nicole Miller line like me. Have they figured out what they did wrong?It sounds like it as they are bringing back the clearance racks ( secret clap--- yeah!).... I'm still waitin for my coupon though, and it better be a good one!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Retail Obsession!

I love the smell of Macy's! Do you ever walk into a store or the mall and just inhale/smile at the same time? Back about 15 years ago, I worked retail at Macy's (back then it was Dayton's) and loved it! Every day I would walk into work, smell, smile and leave exhausted-- typically with a bag full of items that were "too good of a deal to pass up".... who is with me on this? Well... this was my part-time gig... since that time I have been lucky enough to work in the corporate bowels of some of the country's best retailers--- Musicland, Best Buy, Select Comfort, Regis and Target--- what does this mean? I get retail, I know retail and I love retail... join me on this adventure through the crazy shopping world.